November 2016 Viewpoints

The Countdown Begins

As we move closer to the Presidential election, for the first time in our country’s history, Americans will be faced with two candidates vying for The White House who carry overwhelmingly unfavorable numbers in many areas. For many Republicans and Democrats alike, these people are unhappy with their party’s choice of candidate. The national media has overwhelmingly been against Trump and to his credit, he has given them the content they needed to pounce. Hillary’s honesty has always been in question, long before she became a candidate, and the conservative media has made light of this. Politics today are not what it was years ago when the platform of each presidential candidate was clear. Back in the good old days presidential candidates actually talked about the specifics of their plans as to how the country could move forward under their watch. In today’s political races, candidates focus on the sound bites and are sketchy on the details. Sound bites play well in today’s media due to the short attention span of Americans who have mostly forgotten how to think and analyze  thanks to the Internet and social media. Where’s the beef in this election? The voters are still waiting for it.

Smoke Across Land

Riding down the back roads and highways of the Delta these days motorists are finding they are often driving through a deep sea of smoke. That wonderful aroma means the farmers are well over halfway through harvesting their crops and are burning the stalks that remain in the fields. By all accounts our farmers grew some beautiful crops this season. However, many of our growers are still facing some uncertain times due to crop prices. As we have written many times in the DBJ, we support our Delta farmers who roll the dice each year not knowing the outcome. Without our ag economy, the Delta would be in much trouble. During this time of the year, let’s all keep our farmers in our prayers.