Viewpoints- April 2016

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Teddy Roosevelt had beaten the incumbent Taft in the primary races in 1912. The party bosses at the time admitted that Taft would not be able to beat Woodrow Wilson, but disallowed some delegates and replaced others at the convention and gave Taft the nomination. TR said that the 8th commandment also meant that ‘thou shalt not steal a nomination’ and he walked out with his supporters and formed the Bull Moose Party. The vote was split and Democrat Woodrow Wilson, one of our worst Presidents, was elected.  Well, history repeats. The two front runners today, Cruz and Trump, are hated by the GOP party bosses.  They are both a threat to business as usual. In either case, the lobbyist money train comes to a halt. So GOP leaders plan to keep Kasich in the running as long as possible to bleed off just enough votes to cause a brokered convention. The threat to us voters is: vote for the guy we pick or you’ll get a President Clinton come November. Rubio, Kasich, Speaker Ryan and even Jeb ‘I’ll win without the base’ Bush think they’ll get the nomination, in spite of the wishes of the Republican voters. If the GOP establishment does this, then they will lose their base and the election. The problem we face is that they would be OK with a President Clinton, as long as they are still in power and raking in the money.

Opening Up Cuba

We at the Delta Business Journal watched with great interest President Obama’s recent visit to Cuba as we believe the best way to bring positive change to Cuba is by exposing that small country to the American way of life. It is time for the U.S. and Cuba to normalize relations. Human rights issues are important all over the world and Cuba has much work to do in this area … as does China. In fact, the U.S. has worked and traded with China for many years and we have mostly ignored China’s many human rights issues and violations. As President Obama enters the final days of his presidency, he will be looking for ways to establish his legacy. His trip to Cuba is one of these. His visit was a good decision. Mississippi businesses should be prepared to do business in Cuba because that opportunity is right around the corner