Viewpoints- December 2015

Deportation Woes

To listen to the Left and the establishment Republicans moan about the impossibility of deporting millions of illegal aliens would remind one of the same naysayers who opined on the impossibility of putting a man on the moon. Enough with the whining. We have been fundamentally transformed from a nation of can-do individual achievers to one of whiny dependent moochers. Truman and Eisenhower deported millions, and immigration as a whole was closed down totally to give those here time to assimilate. “Assimilation” is a bad, bad word to the Left. The whole diversity and multicultural industry is set up to promote other cultures and denigrate the American culture. So instead of a melting pot where we are all individual American citizens equal under the law, America is a balkanized collection of groups, separated by those who benefit from the social conflict. Whether or not we can deport all the illegals is irrelevant. We should begin deportations, penalize those who hire illegals, clamp down the abuse of the H1B visa program (that means you, Disney World), and then reinstate the goal of assimilation of legal immigrants into the American way.   

Heads Up, HR Departments

The chaos of the day taking place at colleges is coming to you soon. Universities, even here in the South, are being run by those with a liberal or at least liberal-leaning ideology, which causes them to be hypersensitive to anyone with any politically correct grievance. The federal influence over high school education is partially to blame by saddling schools with “self-esteem” coaching of students and other teaching fads like Common Core which leave students unprepared for college. Universities are guilty of admission quotas, whether they admit it or not, to meet some “diversity” requirement. Then they have created useless majors in order that the graduating class appears suitably diverse. This gyps the students and to some extent they realize it. Who hires a “ ______ Studies”major? The root word of “diversity” is “divide.” Being so politically correct by emphasizing groups based on skin color, sex or religion, (and de-emphasizing individualism), colleges are actually making the problem worse, ironically resulting in the chaotic divisiveness going on at liberal bastions like Dartmouth. When they graduate with the “I am owed because I have a pulse” attitude, it’ll be the HR folks on the front line having to explain the real world to them. Good luck with that.