Viewpoints- December 2016

The Great Divide

We are a country in deep trouble and after the presidential election there is only one remedy: reconciliation. Modern times have driven us apart, but our country has been divided before and the name of that division was the Civil War. America was made whole again after that divide. If we don’t come back together after November 8 and we continue this downward spiral, our country will go the way of other democracies of the past … right out of existence. We are at the breaking point. It will be up to both liberals and conservatives to find that middle ground, to find the empathy and understanding needed to put the greater good of this country first, and our personal agendas second.


Making Youth Better

One of the most important youth development programs offered is a 4-H program. With over 500,000 volunteers and 3,500 4-H professionals mentoring six million 4-H’ers across the U.S., 4-H is the largest youth development organization in our country. Often, 4-H is the first opportunity young people have to learn many of the skills needed to successfully maneuver through life. 4-H programs help young people build self esteem, help its members learn how to make good decisions, it teaches members how to be responsible, and teaches them sound communication skills. Additionally, in  4-H young people learn how to conceptualize a task and carry it out all of the way to the end. The Mississippi Delta is full of Cooperative Extension offices that implement and oversee these programs. As we look for ways to enhance the lives of our children here in the Mississippi Delta, let’s not forget our 4-H programs and the tremendous opportunities they offer.