Viewpoints- July 2016

The Big Gun Grab

The Second Amendment was created first and foremost so that the citizens of our country would have the ability to resist if our government becomes tyrannical. It’s not about hunting or even to some extent self-defense, although the right to defend one’s life and property are part of it. The Second Amendment is there so that we can keep ourselves free, at least as long as we want to be free. The ‘fundamental transformation’ that has been taking place also includes the mental state of the population—shifting away from an independent minded citizenry to a dependent one. The only way for the State to gain total control though would be to eliminate or neuter the Second Amendment. The more hysteria the Left can create over guns (it’s the guns that did the mass shootings not the Islamist jihadi) the closer they get to their goal. Look at how the gun confiscations turned out in Britain and Australia – poorly, for their citizens. Thomas Jefferson said “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” The aim of the Left is to remove the mental will to resist first. This coming election will determine whether our children will be Americans in the classic sense or a new “Amerikan” socialist one—will the government serve them or will they serve the State?

No Voters

Some of voters are disenchanted with the candidates, and while they don’t want Hillary to be President, they can’t bring themselves to support Trump because he is not up to the moral standards or (pick your negative adjective here). They do not want to pick any “evil” regardless of the old adage of picking the lesser evil. They sat home because the unbelievably straight laced Romney was a Mormon and look at how that turned out. Chuck Colson made a great point in that by voting for the lesser of two evils you are “lessening evil” and that’s good. For example, if two candidates are both for abortion, but one is ok with late term abortions and the other believes that abortions should be limited to the first trimester only, then one should vote for the latter. By not voting at all, you run the risk that the former would win and that of course is worse. The Progressive Left has gotten the country to the current state by small incremental steps and if we are going to save it we have to do the same. Trump may not be ideal, but we know what Hillary will do and that should be all the incentive we need.