Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Billions of dollars to be passed down

Wealth transfer will be significant in the Delta over the next fifty year By Susan Montgomery Within then next 10 to 50 years, wealth from the baby boomer generation will be inherited by their children or other beneficiaries. How much will that be? Nationwide, about $30 trillion, researchers say. In Mississippi, the amount is expected […]

Wild hogs are pests, not trophies

By NATHAN GREGORY Imagine a job in Mississippi (other than politician and football coach) where one big group of people loves you and another one, well, doesn’t. Believe it or not, such jobs exist. They are held by technicians who kill feral hogs for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services, which […]

Catfish Industry – A Rise in Delta Aquaculture

By Mark Stowers The catfish are biting. The industry that began in 1959 in Yazoo County has seen its share of peaks and valleys in its economic pond. In its heyday of the 1970s there were more than 100,000 acres of catfish ponds scattered across three states. But with the high cost of feed and […]

Grenada: Right on the Verge of Greatness

Grenada has the best of both worlds. It’s firmly invested in its historic downtown and natural resources. But the city also welcomes new opportunities: a local television station, strong economic development and improvements to transportation infrastructure. Grenada makes it all work together, with impressive results. A $7.54 million grant made possible by Senators Thad Cochran […]

Steve Azar, the Delta Man

Singer\songwriter Steve Azar promotes stars as Music & Culture Ambassador of Mississippi by Becky Gillette Steve Azar grew up the Mississippi Delta, and some of his earliest musical experiences were listening to musicians playing behind Azar’s dad’s liquor store in Greenville which, by the way, was the first legal liquor store in the state. Azar […]