Law and Order: Bring it Back

N ew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should receive the dumb-dumb of the Year Award because of the comment he made two weeks ago that violence and rioting in New York is on a downward trend. Really? That city has seen a 350 percent increase in shootings, murders and violence during the past several weeks. In fact New York and Chicago are more dangerous now than Somalia and Syria who are in the middle of civil wars. Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot has also made several comments that are not only ridiculous, but untrue concerning the violence in her city.   Both mayors report that while “things need to improve” that “things are sill okay”.  Things are not okay, not by a long shot. And consider this: both New York and Chicago have some of the strictest gun laws not only in the U.S., but in the world. It’s extremely difficult for private citizens in both of these cities to own firearms and yet the prevalence of the firearms among the criminals makes it very clear these thugs are not going to follow the law and why should they? No one is going to enforce it and criminals are simply not going to be held accountable for breaking the law.  So, the criminals are running wild and this is a great tragedy for both of these American cities. 

The American media outlets need to be honest and report these thugs we see in New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Denver and in other cities are not peaceful protestors.  In a poll last week, 80 percent of white people polled and 81 percent of black people polled say the lack of order has become a significant problem in America. However, we are in a political year and politicians are going to be very careful not to be called a racist by enforcing the law. This is how crazy things have become. All of this outlawing should remind us that regardless if people are black or white they want to live in peace. They do not want their children to be shot while they’re in a stroller. This has nothing to do with race or color of any kind. It is interesting that many of the people out there protesting racism are in fact white and pretend they know more about racism than black people do.  And then many of the people who are standing up for the police officers are black because they want order and civility in their neighborhoods. 

The poll results show this unrest stopped being about race several weeks ago. At first, it was about George Floyd and rightfully so. But, this is no longer about him. The policemen who killed Floyd were arrested and charged with murder.  So, for those who say they want justice for what happened to Floyd, that justice is currently taking place. However, what is not taking place are the folks out there burning police cars, breaking into stores, stealing flatscreen tv’s and destroying the livelihoods of many innocent Americans – these people are not being held accountable. 

The media loves a good story and it is a shame they are fanning the fires and only reporting one side of this issue.

We need to bring back law and order regardless of the negative publicity it could produce.  If not, we are soon going to lose this county.