Business News for the Mississippi Delta

An Entrepreneur By Definition

Will Bradham is Forging Ahead in Uncertain Times 

By Angela Rogalski

Creating and operating businesses, both new and established, requires hard work and dedication, not to mention no small amount of ingenuity, especially during the uncertain times the country is living in today. But Will Bradham has definitely been doing it, with all requirements met.

Bradham owns Right At Home of North Mississippi, which provides non-medical in-home care; Delta Maids, a housekeeping and janitorial service; Bradham Rental Properties, consisting of several rental properties that he owns and manages; Lenny’s Grill and Sub restaurant in Cleveland, which he opened at the end of 2019; and then his most recent endeavor, Gotcha Covered, an errand service where he provides help with customer’s daily tasks, such as grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning.

With such diverse business interests, Bradham says that he maintains his status quo by having excellent personnel on staff.

“I have really good people in all my businesses,” he says. “They keep everything running smoothly.”

Right At Home was the first business Bradham started in 2012 and is an aide service that assists mostly elderly and the physically challenged population. “We service thirteen counties throughout the Delta with Right At Home.”

With Delta Maids, the housekeeping and janitorial arm of his businesses, his people clean residential homes and commercial businesses and offices in four different counties in the Mississippi Delta. “We do anything from general housekeeping to janitorial services such as buffing and waxing floors and we just started doing carpet cleaning. We also do sanitizer sprayings for viruses, such as COVID-19.”

Bradham Rental Properties consists of several properties he owns and rents out, both residential and commercial in Cleveland and in Oxford. And with Lenny’s Grill and Sub restaurant in Cleveland, he reopened the restaurant in 2019 after it had been previously closed. 

“And I’m looking to do the same thing with the Lenny’s in Oxford since it has also closed,” he adds. 

Gotcha Covered, his most recent business opening, has been up and going for a little while and Bradham says it is slowly gaining its momentum.

“Being a new business, people are still grasping the concept. If we grocery shop for someone, we take their list with us, pick up their items and then bring it back to their home and put it away for them. It’s a real timesaver, for sure.”

Bradham describes himself as an entrepreneur with his many diverse businesses, with plans for more ventures coming sometime this year. He said he always thought he would be ensconced in corporate America and work his way up the ladder, but his dad was an entrepreneur and when the company he worked for changed, he decided to go out on his own like his dad.

“I’ve found that it’s better to diversify than put all of your eggs in one basket,” Bradham says. “Everything I do I would classify as a service business of some sort. I saw a need for every business I’m in and we capitalized on those needs. We literally have  something for everybody out there. I wanted to be able to offer services that had my seal of approval on them in the way we do business.”

And according to Bradham it’s paying off. All of his businesses did better in 2020 than they ever had.

“2020 was the best year recorded that we had in any of the businesses. And even though Lenny’s was something I just took over at the end of 2019, that location had the best year it’s ever had. And we had the best year across the board during a pandemic. And with Lenny’s, I think that’s due to the drive-thru window that we maintained. I hadn’t planned on using it, but the pandemic changed my plans. It has been a great asset to the company.”