Business News for the Mississippi Delta

David Smith Construction

Family Owned and Operated 

Headquartered in Inverness since 1976, David Smith has been serving the Delta’s construction needs. But in 1983, Smith was looking to add more commercial business to the residential and he and his partner amicably decided to move in separate directions. David Smith Construction was created. The family owned businesses now includes owner David Smith and his two sons, Brady, who oversees Sunflower Lumber Company that was added to the construction business umbrella in 1999, and Martin, who takes care of the construction duties. There is also a Starkville branch on the construction side. 

Smith also added the old Bill Tinnin gas station and automotive repair as Inverness Service and Hardware (that later closed). Oldest son, Brady, first joined in 2000 followed by Martin. 

The first version of the Smith Sunflower Lumber Store had Martin working there along with manager Doak Fulgham, Steven Johnson, Leo Tarpley and “all the guys in the back we retained,” explains Brady.

Martin explained more of the employee side of the businesses.

“We work with, on any given day, between twenty and twenty-five  employees,”  says Martin. “We have an off shoot company, Smith Dirt Construction, that employees three more. We are starting to hire out more.”

With projects across the state, David Smith Construction has also been working in Rolling Fork to help the town rebuild after last year’s tornado destruction. 

The Smiths all enjoy the family aspect of the business. 

“I love what I do and it’s great to be able to work with my dad and my brother. The cool thing is I’m working with them every day even though I may not see them every day,” saysBrady. “They pump a lot of business through the store and they stay busy. They try to stay within an hour of Inverness but they are also licensed to work in Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama.” 

As hard as the Smiths work to provide excellent products and customer service, they know and understand they wouldn’t be successful without the support from the surrounding area.

“I can’t say it enough: Indianola has really, really supported Sunflower Lumber. It’s been a great blessing for us. And the surrounding communities—Belzoni, Isola, Leland and Greenville—a lot of those people have chosen to come here. It’s wonderful and it’s been great.”