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Zoe Coffee Co.

A perfect place to enjoy a sip and support ministry 

By Aimee Robinette 

It is jokingly said humanity runs on coffee, and while that may be in jest, Zoe Coffee Co. has proven it correct. In the few short months it has been open, Zoe Coffee Co. in Cleveland has become a haven for people who want a good cup of joe and the chance to 100 percent support a mission beyond the Cleveland border.

“Since Zoe Coffee Co opened, we have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of business we’ve received. Opening just in time for the Christmas season, we had the pleasure of serving much of our community while they were downtown shopping or enjoying 50 Nights of Lights! Now that schools are back in session, many of our loyal customers are students from Delta State,” says Taylor Summers, owner and founder of Zoe Ministries. “The Cleveland community has welcomed us with open arms. We love getting to better know our neighbors through serving a simple cup of coffee.”

Summers says the entire purpose of opening a coffee shop was to raise awareness about Zoe Ministries and to provide sustainability for the work being done in Kenya. The work being to drill water wells, build widow homes, and facilitate other community enhancement projects in Africa. 

“We cannot wait to see how God uses this coffee shop to change lives and ultimately spread the Gospel around the world,” Summers said this past fall. Now, he says Zoe Coffee Co has assisted in their mission, a great deal. “We are currently in the process of planning and executing our first large scale project that will bring clean drinking water to nearly 5,000 people in Kenya where Zoe Ministries serves. We hope to make a detailed announcement soon.”

Zoe Coffee Co. offers a wide variety of coffee blends from all over the world. Whether you prefer light roast, dark roast, flavored, or decaf coffee, customers have plenty of options to choose from. “Our coffee is roasted one week and sold the next. We pride ourselves in having fresh great coffee. Zoe Coffee Co will also offer custom drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, smoothies,” he says. “We have a number of popular items for sale at Zoe Coffee Co. Coffee mugs, T-shirts, and individual bags of coffee are among our top selling merchandise. As far as menu items go, our specialty lattes, City Hall Cheesecake and Steel City Pops popsicles are all fan favorites.

“Since opening, we have made a few additions to our menu. We recently added yogurt parfaits and bagel sandwiches that have already been a huge hit! Zoe also offers delicious seasonal drinks that change throughout the year,” he adds.

Summers said Zoe Ministries is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that has the mission of sharing life through Christ by rescuing orphaned children, drilling clean water wells, and providing community enhancement initiatives in rural Kenya.