Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Delta Students Get College Experience during Ole Miss Visit

By Christina Steube Students from Madison S. Palmer High School in Marks got a hands-on learning experience in a college atmosphere recently when they visited the University of Mississippi’s Department of Biology. These students attended learning sessions in Shoemaker Hall, where they participated in field sampling, isolated DNA and learned to use a microscope to […]

Delta Supper Club- For the love of food

By AMILE WILSON • Photography by Rory Doyle Everyone knows the Delta has plenty of stories to tell, some nearly everyone knows while others remain hidden. Before Stewart Robison transplanted to the Mississippi Delta, he heard many of those stories from his grandfather, a Delta native. He looked for a way to unify his love […]

The Importance of Ag Pilots to the Mississippi Delta

By Angela Rogalski All across the Mississippi Delta, and the entire country, for that matter, Ag pilots gear up for their day very early and get into the mindset they need to do their job. It’s an important service they provide, treating and protecting the crops we all need for food and the many other […]

Patrick Johnson- Tunica Farmer

By Becky Gillette • Photography by Austin Britt Patrick Johnson and his father, Pat, have traditionally planted a lot of cotton on their farm in Tunica County. Even while cotton acreage in the state decreased sharply in recent years due to low prices, the Johnsons did not sell their cotton equipment. That puts them in […]

Automotive industry is driving job creation in Mississippi

By Glenn McCullough Jr.   A little more than a decade ago, Mississippi had never produced a commercial vehicle. Today, about 4 million vehicles assembled in the state are on the road around the world, and production is showing no signs of slowing down. For Mississippians, more significant than production milestones are the contributions Toyota […]