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Bio Green Exterior Cleaning

Using Advanced Technology to Provide Superior Results

By Aimee Robinette

Bio Green Exterior Cleaning is an innovative company that utilizes a new concept of soft washing the outside of homes, window, concrete, gutter cleaning, brick pavers and roofs via drone. The company provides an exterior cleaning service using all the latest new technologies—a drone and chemicals –both traditional and eco-friendly  to clean. 

“We have all the licenses, certifications, insurance and bonds to get the job done right the professional way. We take pride in our work and are very passionate about how the property looks with the finishing results,” says Hines Outlaw, a Cleveland native, who grew up in Merigold. 

Outlaw started his business in July 2020, but has been an entrepreneur for quite some time as well as a pilot. He has combined the two in Bio Green Exteriors. 

“I graduated from Delta State University, then returned to Delta State to pursue aviation. I also graduated Mississippi Delta Community College with an associate’s degree in Agriculture,” he says. “After going  through the aviation program at DSU, I became a flight instructor. I went on to fly for Pinnacle Airlines and most recently flying corporate jets. I have a love for aviation.” 

After his time with the airlines, he started a landscape construction and maintenance company, – ProScape, Inc. – as well as a mosquito control business – Outlaw Mosquitoes.) “I enjoy being an entrepreneur and pursuing new things to offer my clientele. Last July, I started my soft-washing business,” says Outlaw. “Soft washing is the new concept of using low pressure water (150 ps or less), industrial bleach and surfactant (soap) to clean exterior of the homes, roofs which removes Gloeocapsa Magma, a species of bacteria that is seen on shingled roofs as black streaks, windows – using RO/ DI water- and concrete. 

“I designed a remote control system to meter out the solution to clean. I also surface-clean concrete and brick pavers with a pressure washer to remove black algae from the surface and post treat with bleach to prevent new growth,” he adds.

Outlaw says he did a lot of research as I was starting out and he came across the idea to use a drone to wash the exterior of the homes and roofs. 

“With my aviation background, I got my FAA Commercial Drone license ( FAA Part 107) to fly. Some of the structures I wash are over seventy feet high up to 120 feet in height, so using a drone to wash makes the job much easier,” he explains. “As I was researching trying to find a drone that was big enough to wash homes and roofs, I came across a company known as Lucid Drone Technologies. Lucid Drones manufactures a drone for soft washing, so I immediately reached out to them to pursue my idea. I have partnered with Lucid Drone Technologies to fly their drones and to promote the new technology as well as their drones.”

Outlaw also notes that flying a drone has a lot of the same characteristics as flying an airplane, such as yaw, throttle, roll, and pitch, so flying a drone came naturally. He found he could combine many of the things he enjoys in life and make a living, which follows the saying, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

“What I enjoy most about the cleaning business is taking a structure and making it look like it’s brand new. I also enjoy flying the drone to clean structures that are up to 120 feet in the air. I have people stop on the road to watch the drone clean and they are very interested in how it all works,” says Outlaw.