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David Griffith

New President, Mississippi Association of Realtors Hales from Cleveland

By Becky Gillette

T he new president of the Mississippi Association of Realtors® is David Griffith, CEO of Griffith Real Estate and Appraisal Services in Cleveland, says the theme for his presidency will be “Answer the Call”.

“I want our members to get involved and encourage those who are involved to step into leadership positions,” Griffith says. “I’m asking our members to step up and see the opportunities that the association offers.”

Griffith says being involved at the state level of MAR since 2001 allowed him to see the importance of being a Realtor® and how the state association supports the real estate industry at both the state and local levels.

“Having served in various positions within the organization, I felt it was my time to step forward to give back to MAR and the Realtor® community,” Griffith says. “I look forward to accomplishing great things in 2017. My main objectives for my presidency are member involvement, education, and political advocacy.”

Griffith says education is something they have to take seriously. With clients and customers to having access to information and data, real estate professionals have stay ahead of the curve and be property professionals.

Another critical area of work is advocacy.

“Whether you are interested in governmental affairs or chose to stick your head in the sand, politics affects us all,” Griffith says. “Our members need to understand the significance of giving to MARPAC and getting involved. We recognize the importance of electing statewide leaders who understand the impact of a vibrant real estate market and to ensure that home ownership remains an attainable dream for everyone.”

Griffith Real Estate is a family-owned business started by Griffith’s mother, Anita, in 1987.  As owner/broker, David Griffith manages all the agents in the office, as well as listing and selling properties.

“Our office handles all types of properties from houses to lots and farmland to commercial properties,” Griffith says. “When I am not acting as broker, I work on appraisals.   Sometimes, we can be so busy during the day that I have to work at night or on a weekend, but I really love the challenge. As a Certified General Appraiser, I appraise residential, some commercial, and farmland/ag properties. Being in a small community, it is necessary to be experienced in all areas of real estate.”

Griffith says his involvement in MAR has been priceless.

“Before I became involved, I only knew how things worked in Cleveland,” he says. “Now, I have so much more knowledge of the real estate industry and how I can better serve my clients and customers. Through networking, I am able to talk to other experts and practitioners from not only across the state, but the nation.”

Being part of a full-service agency allows him to see all aspects of the real estate transaction. Griffith says this allows him to bring something unique to his term as president.

Typically there is more demand for residential appraisals from lenders/clients due to the higher amount of residential activity in the area. However, he also does agricultural/farmland properties frequently and some commercial properties appraisals.

“I really enjoy doing agricultural appraisals because we cover most of the northwest Mississippi area from Vicksburg to Tunica and it allows me to visit other areas and see how their markets are performing,” Griffith says.

Griffith has a biology degree from Delta State University (DSU). He started working for his mother at Griffith Real Estate starting in college. He took real estate classes with the Mississippi Realtor® Institute during his second semester at DSU in 1989. After acquiring his license and beginning to sell real estate, he found he enjoyed meeting new people and the prospect of finding someone a new home.

He also began performing appraisals on a regular basis and that became his focus. Currently he is managing broker and co-owner of their agency.

Griffith says keys to his success include being in a family business with the support of family and friends.

“I also strive to be fair and honest in all my dealings whether it be sales or appraisals,” Griffith says. “I believe my love of Cleveland and what we have to offer is one of my strengths.  Education is important to me. In both aspects of my business, I try to learn something new and keep up with the changing trends and times.” DBJ