Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Rave Reviews from Satisfied Customers

By Becky Gillette  •  Photography by Charlie Godbold In the 200-mile radius around Tunica where Pride of the Pond catfish is distributed, there is a lot of competition from other catfish producers. But some restaurant operators who have sampled catfish from many different sources say you can’t beat Pride of the Pond catfish. Catherine Howe, […]

Harry Simmons- Grows not just catfish, but jobs in the Delta

Harry Simmons

By Becky Gillette Photography by Roy Meeks & Matthew Wood About 40 years ago, Harry Simmons began growing catfish as a way to diversify his income from row crop farming in Humphreys and Yazoo Counties. Through the years, his operation grew and became vertically integrated in 1982, by establishing a catfish processing facility. This expansion […]