Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Taylor Power Systems – A Premier, Mississippi Made Generator Company

By Angela Rogalski

For over thirty years Taylor Power Systems has established a solid reputation as a premier, Mississippi-made, generator manufacturer. Located in Clinton, Mississippi, the company was established by W. A. Taylor Jr. in 1986 to distribute industrial engines and manufacture generator sets.

Steve Duke is general manager of the company, which operates in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida and in Texas. But, we do have dealers that cover the rest of the United States. Duke explains that the generators they manufacture are used for a variety of services.

“We manufacture diesel and natural gas generators for emergency service,” he says, “which would be for standby, in case the power goes out. Or for prime power service, which would be the only source of power that might be on a site, and in that case the generator would provide all needed power. For example, if it’s a construction site going up and there’s no power there and they need power for the construction office or if it’s in the middle of an oil field and they need to run equipment, we can provide the power for that.”

Today’s Clinton location is actually the company’s third move and a division that was started in 1986 in Richland, Miss. The company is a part of The Taylor Group of Companies based out of Louisville, Miss., which has been in business since 1927.

Additionally, Taylor Power Systems carries a fleet of mobile rental generators for temporary use, including deployment during emergency situations and for events/festivals/concerts.

“We have a complete rental fleet of generators,” Duke adds. “These can be used after tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, or if someone runs into a power pole and knocks out power to a building or an area, we can provide power for any of those circumstances.”

Duke says that all forms of governmental agencies use generators when the need arises.

“It can be a military base, a 911 call center, local police departments; they usually contact us when they are in an affected area.”

Taylor Power Systems also has a team of service technicians and product support personnel that are trained to examine, maintain and repair all generator makes and models. They offer generator service and support 24-7 and maintain a stocked parts department to offer assistance in resolving any problem.

“We service any make or model and hopefully everyone will be so pleased with our service, when they get ready to buy a new one they’ll consider Taylor Power for their generator needs,” he says.

Today’s market for generators is diverse and varied, Duke explains, even though the company started with emergency standby services.

“We eventually got into agricultural applications, chicken houses, the poultry market, those are big businesses for us,” Duke says. “And also Intermodal, where things are carried on trucks or trains and they need to have power while they’re going down the road or tracks to keep things refrigerated. We make a line of generators for that as well. And our sales team covers the entire United States. We have the generator at the Statue of Liberty and we have generators in wineries out in California. And all of those were made right here in Clinton, Miss.”

Taylor generator sets have also been awarded the Underwriters Laboratories and ETL certifications, which Duke explains means safety and dependability above all else.

“These generators are designed and engineered to be safe, reliable and to work as needed.”