Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Rave Reviews from Satisfied Customers

By Becky Gillette  •  Photography by Charlie Godbold In the 200-mile radius around Tunica where Pride of the Pond catfish is distributed, there is a lot of competition from other catfish producers. But some restaurant operators who have sampled catfish from many different sources say you can’t beat Pride of the Pond catfish. Catherine Howe, […]

The Magic of Greenwood – By Bill Burrus

If you haven’t visited my hometown of Greenwood recently, what the heck is wrong with you? Greenwood has a lot to offer visitors. People travel from all over the world, literally, to soak up the blues heritage while visiting The Alluvian, a chic boutique hotel that is the centerpiece of a revitalized Howard Street in […]

Business Spotlight- Dixon Drone Photography

Weekend Hobby Has Turned Into a Business By MARK H. STOWERS Drone technology was first used by the military for use in strikes, and over the past decade, the technology has found its way into the civilian world. These days drones are used in business and many people have become weekend enthusiasts flying their drone […]

Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter- Steering Ole Miss to Greater Economic and Academic Gains

By Becky Gillette • Photography by Timothy Ivy [themify_button bgcolor=”blue” size=”small” link=””]Download PDF Version[/themify_button] Alot has happened in the almost three years since Dr. Jeffrey Vitter took the helm as Chancellor of the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss is the Flagship University of the state, considered the best-known college in the state with the largest […]