Business News for the Mississippi Delta


By Pete Johnson In 1812 the then governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry signed into law legislation that revised voting districts in the state senate. In his home county, Essex County, one senate district was drawn in such a way that when placed on a map resembled a salamander. As the story goes, a local artist, […]

Delta Bohemian Billy and Madge Howell: Ambassadors for the Delta

By Becky Gillette Billy and Madge Howell are redefining tourism in the Delta. The eclectic couple doing business as The Delta Bohemian® ( have the Clarksdale White House (CWH) and the Delta Bohemian Guest House (DBGH), host house concerts, do blogs and videos about special attractions in the Delta, and generally make a visit to […]

Everybody Deserves a “2nd Chance” – Furthering Adult Learners Legacy

By Angela Rogalski Second chances can be game changers in people’s lives, there is no doubt about that. Sometimes they can be the break someone is looking for, or sometimes they can be the lifeline that people need for pure survival. In either case, we have all utilized that second chance at some time or […]