Business News for the Mississippi Delta

As Costs Go Up

By Haley Fisackerly Like most things these days, the material costs related to generating and delivering power have gone up recently. Almost 70 percent of the energy produced by Entergy Mississippi comes from natural gas which has doubled in cost over the last year. Since our natural gas purchases are passed through to customers (with […]

Delta State Prepares Future Industry Leaders 

By William N. LaForge To ensure that our Delta neighbors are aware of some of Delta State’s key and signature academic programs, I am pleased to provide a brief overview of a few of the disciplines that, in many cases, are exclusive to Delta State, and that attract a wide array of students from around […]

A New Era for State Employment

By Kelly Hardwick Forty years. Four decades. Consider how much has changed in forty years. The way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we work, and the list goes on and on. With all the advancements in technology and societal changes, Mississippi state employees had not seen any significant updates or improvements in […]

Tech in Education

By Jason Dean  For decades, Mississippi was behind in education. However, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many advancements that are giving Mississippi hope and a promising future. Although the state was already working hard on improving education, the pandemic added extra pressure to address multiple long-known issues such as lack of learning devices and few science, […]

Tackle the Tape

By Michael Watson Starting a business in Mississippi has always been a quick and easy process. However, many businesses still struggle to stay alive due to unnecessary government regulations, also known as “red tape.” Mississippi’s regulatory code contains roughly 118,000 restrictions, making us one of the most regulated states in the Southeast. As Mississippi’s Secretary […]

Peter Nimrod

By Mark H. Stowers With 212 miles of levees and 360 miles of interior streams under his charge, Peter Nimrod stands tall as a Delta advocate. His work as the Levee Board Chief Engineer may find him standing on a levee one day and in Washington D.C. the next.  Employed by a six county Board, […]

Entergy Mississippi’s Customer Initiative

By Haley Fisackerly With a pandemic, racial tension, political divisiveness and natural disasters, 2020 has been one of the more challenging years ever. While it is natural to want to bury those memories and look toward a more hopeful future, if we reflect on these last 12 months, we almost surely will find bright spots.  […]

Voting Issues

By Wyatt Emmerich I was okay with the idea of mail in voting until I learned what ballot harvesting was. Ballot harvesting is the practice of finding people who don’t have much interest in voting and persuading them to let an outside party fill out their ballot for them. It’s a vote by proxy, if […]

Tech Giants and Antitrust

By chip pickering America’s tech giants are not the problem and antitrust is not the solution. As we enter into a new age of competition and rivalry with China on strategic, on national security, on economic grounds, we have a lot of people in Washington who are wanting to now either break up or heavily […]

Initiative 65

By Phil Bryant There’s a $14 billion dollar industry that wants to sell their product in Mississippi. It’s backed by powerful and wealthy investment firms. Studies show their product is harmful to our health and will put our kids and vulnerable populations at risk. Yet, this out-of-state industry has devised a scheme to give themselves […]