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Gaila Oliver Realty Making Real Estate Dreams Come True

Making Real Estate Dreams Come True

By Mark H. Stowers

Ajournalist,  animal rescuer and  real estate specialist all rolled up into one. That’s Gaila Oliver. The Washington County resident has been in the real estate business for two decades. 

“I got into real estate in 2003 while I still owned The Leland Progress newspaper. It was pretty hectic, then in 2005, I decided to get my broker license and go out on my own,” says Oliver. “There’s been some good years and bad years, but it’s like the stock market, it always comes back. People always need houses.”

Oliver sells whatever real estate she can get her hands on, from residential homes to farmland to hunting camps – and everything in between. 

“I market anything that comes my way.  I work all across Mississippi and also into Arkansas,” she says. “That said, the bulk of my listings are in Sunflower, Washington, Bolivar, Leflore and Chicot County in Arkansas.” 

Oliver doesn’t limit her scope and she looks to meet the need of every client who comes in. 

“I love houses and I love helping people that need out of a jam. I love to help them sell their current home  and buy the home of their dreams.  Farmland is probably my favorite. All you have to do is just “think” about selling farmland and you instantly have ten buyers wanting to take a tour.”  she says.  “ Real estate is definitely my heart. I can’t sleep at night if I don’t give full disclosure on a property.”

Oliver doesn’t have any additional employees at the moment, but is always looking to find the right people  to join her real estate endeavors across the Magnolia State. Coming down from a sellers’ market when interest rates were low and inventory was low, Oliver is constantly working to find the right combinations for both buyer and seller.

Oliver says that sometimes she misses owning The Leland Progress newspaper, which has roots dating back to the 1800’s.  “I loved the newspaper business and I love to write,” she says. “I post way too much on Facebook, but every once in a while I want to write a story.”

And while she’s on the road working the real estate business, Oliver is constantly rescuing animals of all kinds. From dogs to  cats and more, her heart and hands are always open to save a needy animal.

“People know that I have a heart for animals and I get calls all the time regarding animals that need to be rescued or placed with loving homes,” she says.

“I plan to continue working in real estate as long as I’m breathing,” says Oliver.  “There is great joy in it and I really appreciate my clients, both current and future.”