Business News for the Mississippi Delta

Key Solutions

A Top-Notch Computer Business 

Serving Customers Accross the Delta

By Aimee Robinette

The entire world has changed over the last year, incorporating more technology, and sometimes it is harder for businesses and even residents to keep up. Key Solutions in Leland and Cleveland understands the complex world of technology and provides paramount services to keep both businesses and residents up and running.

Owner Key Reifers started working in 1979 for a Greenwood company—Big D, Inc. – that sold irrigation systems and tractors. 

“I worked a couple of summers installing irrigation systems. When I finished college, the owner, Ray Barger, hired me to come to their new office in Leland as parts manager,” says Reifers. “After a few months, they had an opportunity to become an IBM dealer to sell computers to the agricultural market. Mr. Barger asked me if I wanted to run it and, of course, I said ‘yes.’ The IBM PC computer had just come out. I went to IBM schools and learned to sell and service computers. 

Reifers, who is from Greenwood, bought the computer company from Big D, Inc. in 1997, and kept the company in the same location in Leland. “We renamed it Key Solutions,” says Reifers. “We have a Cleveland location as well. We also have a company—Document Imaging Solutions. We are a Laserfiche reseller which is an imaging software solution. Customers can scan documents into the software and retrieve information easily.”

“We sell all types of computers and everything that goes with them. We have a complete service and sales staff that do in-house and onsite service. I always say we don’t specialize in one thing because we do practically everything to deal with computers from software and service to printers, routers, networking, cabling and supplies,” says Reifers, who is also a graduate of Delta State University.

Reifers says technology changes so fast that business customers upgrade every couple of years. Home users can normally go longer unless there is a major operating system update.

“We cover about a 100-mile radius with tech doing onsite calls. We offer service contracts and offsite backup service,” he adds. “Most of our customers are small businesses. We also handle government and state agencies and, of course, home users. In the last five years, Internet speeds have improved, and computers have gotten more powerful. Prices have come down because of having so many choices.” 

Even if he spends much of his day dealing with impersonal computers, Reifers still appreciates the people behind the screen.

“The thing I enjoy most is my customers,” he says. “Some of them have been with me for forty years. I, along with the staff, try hard daily to take care of the problems our customers have. Customer service is—and has to be—No. 1.”